About the TDMA

Created for locals by locals

Tennessee is growing fast, and the marketing community is growing right along with it. From those moving here for jobs in burgeoning technology hubs to marketers hiding in plain sight—working out of home offices for companies near and far—the push to keep improving our community has never been stronger.

Founded by Keyword Analyst Carrie Morgan and a team of volunteers and advisors that is growing by the day, the Tennessee Digital Marketing Association is intended to support that growth. By providing a fresh resource for continued learning for marketing professionals, our hope is to foster a stronger community, helping us enjoy our jobs more with less stress, while climbing that career ladder, breaking glass ceilings, and achieving more success than we can possibly do alone.

It's good for us, and it's good for local businesses, too.

We're tremendously excited to launch a low-cost resource where professionals in Middle Tennessee can learn and experiment with new tools and technology... all without fear of being judged, and supported by readily-available help standing by.

We don't all learn the same way, and listening to someone else talk isn't always the best way to grasp something new. By creating a rich learning environment where we can immediately apply something we just heard, read or watched, skills are more likely to stick. And we all want that, right? By lifting each other, we lift everyone around us.

Please show your support in any way you can; let's make this happen.

What is the TDMA?

The Tennessee Digital Marketing Association (TDMA) provides local marketing professionals with a nontraditional community platform for growth, education and networking. With a strong focus on collaboration and continuous learning, TDMA will help members develop their digital marketing skills and expand their professional network. 

Based in Nashville and Murfreesboro, our primary goal is to foster a sense of shared learning within these local marketing communities and the companies who serve, hire and support them, breaking down silos and enabling them to work together in a mutually beneficial environment.  

Unlike traditional industry associations focused on monthly speakers and networking, the TDMA is heavily focused on group mentoring and coaching, moderated by the TDMA and supported by local experts. There is no charge, beyond an annual membership fee, which is intended to help members learn necessary skills and connect them with local experts when they need a deeper level of expertise.

As the association grows, special interest groups will be added, along with an annual one-day hackathon event, which pairs learning with skill-building application of what members have learned on behalf of one local nonprofit. For example, the morning might be spent learning about AI (artificial intelligence) best practices, with members spending the rest of the day using AI tools to create social media posts, content, website improvements, graphic design, strategy development and other deliverables for the nonprofit’s use. This non-profit will be selected through a nomination process, chosen by the leadership team and/or the Board of Directors, based on need and potential impact to the community, and all marketing professionals will donate their time and output from the day’s work.

We have a big vision for the TDMA. Won't you join us?

100% Locally Owned & Operated

the TDMA Leadership Team

Carrie Morgan

Founder & CEO

Keyword analyst (Consultant)

Brooks Christol

Advisory Council

Chief Strategy Officer & Owner, Barker & Christol

Trent Denson

Advisory Council

Founder, Spread The Positive

Jarod Goenner

Advisory council

Multi-Market Strategic Account Executive, USA TODAY

Mark Scrivner

Advisory Council

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Our thanks To The Advisory Council for Bringing Their Time, Connections & Expertise to the Team.

Are you a whiz at organizing events?

We need volunteers to handle things like checking members in at the door, ensuring events run smoothly and more. If this sounds like you, and you have time to volunteer, let us know!