Marketing is changing at warp speed, whether you're ready or not.

We're here to help.

Say Hello to a Different Type of Association

Formed to create a safe environment of shared learning with your peers, the Tennessee Digital Marketing Association (TDMA) is the least expensive, most effective mastermind group you'll ever join. It helps marketing professionals improve their digital skills through authentic shared learning, and fostering a stronger sense of community.

Translated? We're all about playing in a sandbox together to share what's working and what isn't, fearlessly testing new tools and technologies, and filling skill gaps to keep moving forward in our careers.

It's a judgement-free zone that's 100% focused on your growth.

Group Mentoring

Different topics each session, where we discuss best practices, share expertise, and (optionally) jump right into a working session with local experts on-hand to help.




Networking doesn't just build community, it opens doors to resources and connections. We just don't hand out business cards, we actively find ways to collaborate for the collective good.



Jobs & Gigs

We're creating Tennessee's place where permanent positions, short-term jobs and gigs can be collected in one place for marketing professionals. If you need to make money, don't miss this resource.


members-only listings

"I've been in digital my entire career. What makes me so excited about the TDMA? Sharing best practices and learning from other like-minded digital gurus in a welcoming environment is guaranteed to fuel incredible inspiration. Nashville needs this... everyone needs this. It's a career accelerator."

– Sean Whitmore, Snapshot Interactive

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We're About Authenticity

To get the most out of the TDMA, you'll want to come to our peer mentoring events with a spirit of transparency and authenticity, ready to share and absorb. After all, it's tough to grow in the dark. Let's learn from each others' mistakes and experience..

Please know that diversity is welcomed, inclusion is the goal. Everyone is welcome. Here's who we are, and why we're doing this.

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Getting To Know The Community

One person can't master it all, and whether you're an intern or a seasoned, senior-level professional, building a strong network will help you excel in your career. Peer mentoring helps that happen, along with strong trade associations.

Starting with Middle Tennessee, we're building a statewide directory of marketing professionals. You'll know who does what, if they are employed full-time or open to work, who takes on consulting or freelance work, and more.

Let's collaborate and refer, people!


Connecting Agencies & Employers

The TDMA isn't just good for marketers, it's a planned resource to attract and retain talent in Tennessee. We're working hard to ensure businesses have a pool of constantly improving marketing professionals for hire.

So whether you have a permanent or freelance position to fill, a gap in training for your marketing team that needs attention, or just want to connect with local marketing professionals, consider becoming a Corporate Partner today.

Our growth can be your growth, too.

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Thanks to our supporters. We appreciate you!

Get involved as a volunteer! We could use your talents.

Whether you have one or two hours a month, or more than that, we need people to help the TDMA thrive in Nashville and Murfreesboro. Contact us today if you'd like to help grow peer mentoring events in Tennessee.